Ultimate Twang Classic 45 – Marie Osmond with Dan Seals “Meet Me In Montana” Marie Osmond Announces She's Back In A Big Way in 1985.

Today, we take a look back at the comeback hit of Marie Osmond. I say comeback, because, while she had been releasing singles for most of the previous ten years, she had not appeared anywhere near the Country top 40, much less number one, since “Who’s Sorry Now” briefly appeared … Continue reading

5 Perfect Valentines Day Songs These 5 Should Be on Any Valentines Day Playlist.

Valentines Day is almost here. You’ve got the flowers, the candy, the dinner reservations, and the card. And all the necessary items to set the romantic mood, afterwards, including the perfect playlist of songs that say exactly what you want to convey to your loved one. Or maybe you don’t … Continue reading

Jack Greene “Until My Dreams Come True”; Great 1969 Album. A Great Effort From A Great Singer

Who compares to George Jones and Vern Gosdin, pouring emotion into their music? Not too many, admittedly, but one that I rank highly on the emotion spilling level is Jack Greene. If you’re scratching your head at my opinion (that’s okay, my wife does, all the time), take a listen … Continue reading

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