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Webb Pierce “Who Do You Think I Am” – Single Of The Day

Greetings from Asheville, where good music is always found on the turntable, in the CD player, or in the MP3 player.  Today’s Single Of The Day is a 1965 near top ten for the legendary Webb Pierce.  By 1965, Webb Pierce’s career as a hit maker was on it’s downward spiral, as the hits were becoming fewer; in fact, of the three Country 40 hits Webb scored, only one, today’s single, would break the Country 20, peaking at thirteen.

Webb Pierce had enjoyed a remarkable career, to this point.  Since 1952, he had scored fifty-three top ten hits, with thirteen number one hits (but none since 1957’s “Honky Tonk Song”).  His 111 weeks spent at number one, still ranks number two, all-time, trailing only Eddy Arnold.

A radio station copy of Webb Pierce's "Who Do I Think I Am" single

But as 1965 dawned, Webb Pierce’s career, as mentioned, was taking a sharp downturn.  The year started with “That’s Where My Money Goes” peaking just inside the Country 30, while the next single, “Broken Engagement”, failed to crack the Country 40.  “Loving You, Then Losing You” would fare a little better, with a peak of 22.  Webb’s fourth single release for the year would finally break the Country 20.  Released by Decca in late Summer, “Who Do I Think I Am” would debut in September.

A mid tempo song, with just a lite string section, it’s a strong composition, with a complete  package.  On an earlier review of the Webb Pierce album Sweet Memories (you can read that review, here), I stated that it was the album’s best song and should have been a bigger hit, at least a top ten single.

As for the rest of Webb’s career, there would only be one more top ten single, “Fool Fool Fool” in 1967, and by 1971, his days on the Country 40 were over.

Your thoughts?

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