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Thrift Shop Finds, Part 3

The picking was a little thin on our latest journey through the thrift world. But still, not quite empty-handed. I came away with a couple of interesting pieces.

First off, I ran across a 1978 release from Narvel Felts, “Inside Love”. This is an album that never charted, yet did yield one top forty Country single, “Just Keep It Up”. The album also includes some cover versions of classic Rock ‘N Roll songs. Should be an interesting one for a future review.

Secondly, an album from Roy Clark’s latter days with Dot/ABC/MCA. The Country-Gospel release “The Last Word In Jesus Is Us”, from 1981. I’m really curious to hear this complete album as I well remember the title cut. As a single, it tanked, not even climbing out of the seventies on the singles charts, but it got some airplay, locally, and I always thought it a decent song; one I haven’t heard in probably over twenty-five years.

I don’t usually grab forty-fives at these places, as they are often trashed, but I did find a couple of interesting ones that, at .49, I had to jump on. One, we have an extended play, with two cuts on each side, from Floyd Tillman. Featuring his classics “I Love You So Much, It Hurts” and “Slipping Around”, this is a German single, released by RCA in what was then, West Germany, I’m guessing sometime in the 1950’s or 1960’s. The other single is by the legendary yodeler, Elton Britt. Elton, who’s success mainly came on RCA during the 1940’s (his “There’s A Star-Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere” was one of the biggest selling records of the decade), yet actively recorded well into the 1960’s. This single is “Home Sweet Homesick Blues”, backed with “Now Is The Hour…Aloha”, released on ABC-Paramount. I’m going to have to do some research as to the release date of this single and which side was considered the “A” side. This copy is an old promo copy, and someone has marked an “X” on the “…Aloha” side, a common method radio people used to designate which side of a single to play, back when radio stations played vinyl. I do know that both tracks appeared on a 1965 album, “Singing Hills”.

Not a big week, but some interesting finds, nonetheless.

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