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Thrift Shop Finds, Part 10

Wow, it’s been nearly a year since I’ve last mentioned some of our finds in area shops.  What’s been up in this area? Well, I haven’t been searching as much, so far, this year, but have found a few, here and there.  In fact, just this week, I made a nice pickup of 4 albums, along with 3 more, back in June.

This week, I donated some money to Habitat For Humanity, finding 4 nice pieces of vinyl, there, along with many more I wish I could have picked up.  The 4 that I purchased….

Maple On The Hill, a 1965 RCA Camden release, featuring several early country music stars, such as Uncle Dave Macon, J. E. Mainer’s Mountaineers, The Delmore Brothers, The Carlisle Brothers, and Bradley Kincaid.

Hard Times, Lacy J. Dalton’s second Columbia album, featuring her hits, “Hard Times”, “Hillbilly Girl With The Blues”, and “Whisper”.  This was a 1980 release.

Pages Of Life, a 1990 Desert Rose Band release.  It’s always fun to find 1990’s vinyl, since CD’s were taking over, by this time.  This one is nearly pristine condition.  It features their hits, “Story Of Love”, “Start All Over Again”, and “In Another Lifetime”.

Time, the 1966 debut album from the Pozo Seco Singers.  Granted, they weren’t really considered country, more folk, but it’s noteworthy, because one of the members would go on to have a hall of fame country music career; Don Williams.

Back in June, thanks to a nice Father’s Day gift certificate, I got to peruse at my favorite spot in Asheville, Harvest Records.  The 4 I grabbed, that day included

Distant Drums, Jim Reeves

He-e-ere’s Johnny!, Johnny Lee

All My Hard Times, Roy Drusky

And speaking of Harvest Records, this weekend, they will be celebrating their 8th anniversary with their annual basement sale, which features albums and cd’s for $1, each.  In fact, that’s where the last post of Thrift Shop Finds, before this one, was from; last year’s event.

I’ll be there, this Saturday, and I will report my findings, next week!

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