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Lynn Anderson “Wrap Your Love All Around Your Man” Single Of The Day

Lynn Anderson Wrap Your Love All Around Your ManGreetings from Asheville, where there’s always good music to be found.  Today’s Single Of The Day harkens back to the decade of the 1970’s.  Though it’s now four decades ago, for many of us, it doesn’t seem that long.

Today’s Single Of The Day is a Lynn Anderson release from 1977.  Lynn is an artist who enjoyed a long run on the country charts, scoring her first Country 40 single in 1967 and not hitting her finale until 1988.  In that span, forty-eight of her singles broke into the 40, with eighteen reaching the top ten and five climbing all the way to number one.  Her biggest hit, “Rose Garden”, also became a top five Pop hit, as well.

Unfortunately, “Wrap Your Love All Around Your Man” was not one of her eighteen top ten hits.  The single, her first offering for 1977, just missed, peaking at twelve.  Released by Columbia in January, the single made a relatively quick ascension into the Country 40, making it’s debut in early February.  It would turn out to be her biggest hit for the year.  The song is a fast-paced Country-Pop piece that I think has a rather infectious sound to it, one that makes me a bit surprised that it didn’t peak a little higher than it did.  I’d call it one of her more underrated pieces.

Your thoughts?

Saving vinyl, one record at a time.

2 comments - What do you think?  Posted by Mike The Country Musicologist - July 22, 2013 at 11:58 AM

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Crystal Gayle “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue” Single Of The Day

"Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue", the 1977 smash hit by Crystal Gayle.  Number 1 country and top ten pop hit.Greetings from Asheville, where good music is always on the turntable.  Today’s Single Of The Day is one of the true classics of Country music and one of the most memorable hits of the decade of the 1970’s.  You nearly would have had to have been on a deserted island in 1977, to have not heard Crystal Gayle’s “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue”.  The bluesy ballad became one of the biggest hits of the year, gaining wide popularity over multiple genres.

Released by United Artists in June, the record made it’s debut on the Country 40 in mid-July, just a few weeks after her previous hit, “I’ll Do It All Over Again” had fallen out of the top ten.  By the end of August, it was number one on the Country charts (it would spend four weeks, total, there), and quickly climbing the Pop and Adult Contemporary charts, where she would peak at two and four, respectively.

In addition, the single sold like crazy, topping the million mark in sales, earning Crystal a Gold record.

Your thoughts?

Saving vinyl, one record at a time.

Be the first to comment - What do you think?  Posted by Mike The Country Musicologist - April 22, 2013 at 9:10 PM

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Linda Ronstadt “Crazy” Single Of The Day

Top 10 country hit for Linda Ronstadt in 1977, her version of the Patsy Cline classic, "Crazy".Greetings from Asheville, where today’s Single Of The Day is a 1970’s cover of one of the most iconic records ever made.  “Crazy”, the Willie Nelson composed song that Patsy Cline turned into an iconic part of country music, a record that surely has to rank as one of the ten greatest, ever. When a song enjoys that high of a status, it’s always at least slightly risky for someone to later, do a cover.

In late 1976, though, Linda Ronstadt did just that.  Linda was enjoying steady success on both the country and the pop charts, often times releasing a single with a country sound on one side and a pop/rock sound on the flip.  This case wasn’t different, as one side, “Someone To Lay Down Beside Me”, was pitched to Top 40 and Adult Contemporary stations, while “Crazy” was worked at country radio by Asylum Records.  In this case, “Crazy” turned out to be the more successful side, as it’s flip failed to crack the Top 40, while peaking just inside the AC top 30.  “Crazy”, on the other hand, caught the attention of country radio and it’s listeners, and became her fourth top ten hit, as it peaked at six in early 1977.

Your thoughts?

Saving vinyl, one record at a time.

Be the first to comment - What do you think?  Posted by Mike The Country Musicologist - March 27, 2013 at 11:45 AM

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Willie Nelson “I Love You A Thousand Ways” Single Of The Day

Willie's second hit remake of a Lefty Frizzell classicGreetings from Asheville, where good music is always on the turntable.  Today, we look back at one of the many hits of Willie Nelson, a single that was the second Lefty Frizzell hit that Willie would also score with.

The story of Willie Nelson is well known; his incredible songwriting talents, but also his years of struggle to become a singing star, that finally culminated with his breakthrough Red-Headed Stranger album, featuring his first number one single, “Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain”.  One year later, Willie was back on top, this time with a remake of the Lefty Frizzell classic “If You’ve Got The Money, I’ve Got The Time”.  Fast forward another two years, to August, 1977, and once again, Willie calls on a Lefty classic, this time “I Love You A Thousand Ways”.   Taken from his Lefty Frizzell tribute album, To Lefty From Willie, the song, ironically, was Lefty’s second chart single, and second number one hit, as well as the flip side to his first of each, “If You’ve Got The Money, I’ve Got The Time”.

Willie’s version made it’s debut in August, climbing the charts to as high as nine, by early Fall.  Performed in that standard Nelson style of that era, where his guitar is nearly as prominent as his voice.  It was an amazing sound, so different than anything else on the radio.  And if you listen close, you can tell the Frizzell influence on Willie, on this track.

Your thoughts?

Saving vinyl, one record at a time.

Be the first to comment - What do you think?  Posted by Mike The Country Musicologist - February 13, 2013 at 6:00 AM

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Marty Robbins “Adios Amigo” Classic Album Review

1977 Marty Robbins LP "Adios Amigo"Greetings from Asheville, where good music is always on the turntable, in the CD player, or in the MP3 machine.  Today’s Classic Album Review is a 1977 Columbia release from hall of famer Marty Robbins.  Coming off his most successful album and hit in several years with “El Paso City”, Marty was looking to keep the roll going with the release in February of Adios Amigo.  And successful it was, as the album peaked at five, becoming the last of fifteen top ten albums for Marty, while containing two top ten singles.

The album kicks off with one of the top ten hits, which also happens to be the title cut, as well.  “Adios Amigo” climbed as high as four, during the early Spring of 1977.  A mix of Latin sounds and country-pop, it’s the kind of song that Marty really excelled at (among many other styles).  Great track.

The first time I heard Bobby Darin’s hit version of “18 Yellow Roses” from 1963, I could have sworn he was trying to impersonate Marty Robbins, the singing style was so similar.  Fast forward to 1977, and we finally get a Marty Robbins version, which turns out to be a good, solid performance.

“Falling Out Of Love” is an exceptional ballad.  Nothing fancy, just good, solid material, and of course, an exceptional voice behind the mic.  A Hidden Gem contender.

Next, it’s Marty’s cover of the Lynn Anderson hit “I’ve Never Loved Anyone More”.  A nice performance of a good song; whereas Lynn’s version is a little softer and airier, Marty’s is slightly more metropolitan.

Side one ends with yet another ballad, “Helen”.  The medium-slow tempo track has a sound and feel that harkens back to Marty’s early 1970’s work, before he ended his first Columbia tenure to join Decca/MCA.  Strong lyrical work, here, this is a Hidden Gem contender.

Side two opens with Marty’s other top ten success from the album, “I Don’t Why (I Just Do)”, a cover of the 1931 Wayne King pop hit (also a 1961 pop  hit for Linda Scott).  Sneaking into the top 10, during the Summer of 1977, Marty just seemingly flows without much effort throughout.

“My Happiness” is another pop standard that’s seen several hit versions, most notably Connie Francis’ 1959 classic, and again, nothing fancy, just a nice flowing version that suits Marty’s vocals, perfectly.

One more pop standard cover is “My Blue Heaven”.  It’s estimated that the 1928 Gene Austin version sold over five million copies, making it one of the biggest selling pre-rock era singles.  Marty’s tempo is slightly quicker than that original (but not as fast as the Fats Domino hit), and again, just a nice little piece that’s quite enjoyable to listen to.

One more definite Hidden Gem contender is “Inspiration For A Song”.  Simply a great ballad, featuring the total package; melody, performance, and lyrics.

The album wraps with Marty’s take on the Wynn Stewart hit, “After The Storm”.  I love Wynn’s version, but Marty does a fine job, giving a more than adequate performance.

No longer on the market, used copies are numerous, especially in vinyl and 8-track.  The album was also released on cassette.  The prices I saw were generally less than $10.

“Adios Amigo” gets my Standout Track nod, while “Inspiration For A Song” gets the Hidden Gem.  I really didn’t dislike any of the music, here.

Overall, this is a fine piece of work by the late Marty Robbins.  Often, when an album features mostly ballads, the danger of monotony can arise and will at times.  Not here, though.  The songs are different enough to keep the whole body of work more than interesting and keeps the listener well engaged.  I go for a 5 out of 5, here.

Your thoughts?

Saving vinyl, one record at a time.

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Be the first to comment - What do you think?  Posted by Mike The Country Musicologist - January 29, 2013 at 1:10 PM

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