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Single Of The Day-Tammy Wynette “Crying In The Rain”

Greetings from Asheville, where the good music is still on the turntable, as well as in the CD player and the MP3 player. Today’s Single Of The Day takes you back to 1981, for a Tammy Wynette hit. Tammy, of course, had been one of the top Country music acts of the previous decade, having scored thirty-seven top ten hits, including twenty number ones (including the George Jones and David Houston duets). However, as the eighties dawned, the hits started peaking lower. While she had four singles on the charts in 1980 (including two George Jones duets), only one, “Two Story House” had broke into the top ten, as the other three all peaked in the teens. Her first single of 1981, “Cowboys Don’t Shoot Straight Like They Used To”, would only peak at twenty-one. As to what caused the downward performance, likely a combination of things. Sounds had changed to a more polished Pop sound, something that was also heard on Tammy’s recordings, but perhaps not as well accepted by her fans. In addition, the strength of the songs were arguably weaker than her biggest hits, as well. Song strength wasn’t an issue on the next release, though.

“Crying In The Rain” was a Carole King-Howard Greenfield composition that had been a top 10 Pop hit in 1962 for The Everly Brothers. Tammy’s version would debut in October, 1981, yet despite a strong vocal and a strong song, could still only manage a peak of eighteen on the charts.

I’m not sure I’ve heard this record since it’s chart run ended at the end of 1982, until I listened to it for this post. Having completely forgotten what it even sounded like, what I heard was an aforementioned strong performance. Yes, it is slick and polished, but that was the sound of the time. This was a good record that, looking back, I think should have gone a little higher.

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