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Single Of The Day-Ned Miller “Do What You Do Do Well”

Greetings from Asheville, that musical hot-spot of Western North Carolina.  Today’s Single Of The Day continues with yesterday’s, as we look at the original version.

Yesterday, we looked at Ernest Tubb’s version of “Do What You Do Do Well”, today, it’s the original.  It’s been stated that in the opinions of some, the biggest reason that Ned Miller never became a superstar, was because of his strong fear of performing live, which caused him to do just minimal appearances.  Yet, despite that, he was still able to score eight Country 40 singles, with two top tens, “From A Jack To A King” and today’s Single Of The Day, “Do What You Do Do Well”.

Ned was also a fine songwriter, having written the hits “Dark Moon”, and “A Falling Star”, in addition to his own hit singles.  As for today’s single, it made it’s debut on the Country 40 in January, 1965, on the Fabor label.  Becoming Ned’s second top 10 hit, it would peak at seven, by early Spring, just as the Ernest Tubb version was beginning to climb the charts.  The biggest difference between the two (other than singing styles) is that while both are up tempo, I feel like this version has a little more pep or energy to it.  Both are fine recordings, but my fave is the Ned Miller disc.

Your thoughts?

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