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Single Of The Day-Louvin Brothers “You’re Running Wild” b/w “Cash On The Barrelhead”

Greetings from Asheville, where there’s always good music on the turntable, in the CD, or on the MP3. Our Single Of The Day sends us back into the 1950’s for one of Country music’s most influential brother acts; a duo that’s influenced artists ranging from The Everly Brothers to Gram Parsons to Emmylou Harris. One of my all-time favorite duos, The Louvin Brothers. The legendary duo may not have had the sheer number of chart hits that other acts have had, but unlike many of those acts, Charlie and Ira’s influence can still be felt throughout Country and Bluegrass music. After years of struggling to get their break, they finally began to enjoy some success, first recording Gospel music, after signing with Capitol. It was with some label hesitance that they released a secular single in 1955. That single, “When I Stop Dreaming”, debuted in September, breaking into the top ten and showing that the gamble to try secular Country was worth it. In all, The Louvin Brothers scored twelve chart singles, between 1955 and 1962; six of those would make the top ten, and one, “I Don’t Believe You’ve Met My Baby”, made it all the way to number one, in early 1956.








Today’s Single Of The Day comes from later in that same year. Both sides, “You’re Running Wild” and “Cash On The Barrelhead” debuted the same day, October 6th. Even more interesting, both sides peaked at number 7, but “You’re Running Wild” spent one more week on the chart, twelve, than “Cash On The Barrelhead”.

“You’re Running Wild” could have a strong argument made for being their best vocal performance. In fact, I consider it their best work. A haunting vocal by Ira, mixed with Charlie’s incredible range on the melody, make this simply a classic piece of music. Unbelievably good!

The flip side, “Cash On The Barrelhead”, is an up tempo track that has some great mandolin work by Ira, who also is on the lead vocals. A fun, lite track.

The Louvin Brothers are one of those acts that you simply have to experience, if you haven’t already. Incredible picking, incredible singing, incredible music.

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