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Single Of The Day-Carson Robison Trio “21 Years”

Greetings from Asheville, where good music is always found on the turntable, in the CD player, or in the MP3 player. Your Single Of The Day, today, goes back into the early days of Country music, all the way back to 1931. Though almost forgotten, today, Carson Robison was a force of early Country music, one of it’s top sellers of the era. He recorded solo, duets with several other artists such as Vernon Dalhart, and as part of his own trio, of which today’s Single Of The Day is credited to.

“21 Years” was released in December, 1931, under the name, The Carson Robison Trio. A fairly typical song of the era, moderately up tempo with lyrics about a man in jail, in this case, covering for his wife/girlfriend. Now it’s interesting to note that this record was released on at least five labels, all within the American Recording Corporation family. ARC had been formed in 1928, by the merger of the Banner, Pathe’, and Cameo labels. I can’t give the full reason for the records to be released under so many different names, but part of the reason had to do with department store contracts. For instance, Conqueror Records were an exclusive Sears product, while Romeo Records were sold through S. H. Kress. This record was released on both of those names, along with the aforementioned Banner, Perfect and ARC names. It is possible that it could have been issued under even more names such as Regal and Melotone, but I was unable to confirm that.

Carson Robison would continue recording until 1956, and would find success, twice, in the 1940’s, first with the 1945 wartime hit, “Hitler’s Last Letter To Hirohito”, then in 1948, with the smash “Life Gits Tee-jus Don’t It”, which made Robison MGM’s second artist after Hank Williams, to score a hit.

Please feel free to comment on today’s post, as I would love to know your thoughts. Tomorrow, our 78 rpm week continues with a release from The Sons Of The Pioneers.

Saving vinyl (or this week, shellac), one record at a time.

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