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Sawyer Brown “Puttin’ The Dark Back Into The Night” – Single Of The Day

Greetings from Asheville, where good music is always found on the turntable, in the CD player, or in the MP3 player.  Today’s Single Of The Day is one of thirty-six that would grace the Country 40 for the group Sawyer Brown.  The 1984 Star Search winners enjoyed a good hit-making career between 1984 and  2005, with nineteen singles making the top 10.  They would also score three number one singles, as well.  Though it’s now seven years since their last Country 40 appearance, Sawyer Brown continues to record and tour throughout the country.

Sawyer Brown's 1990 single "Puttin' The Dark Back Into The Night"

1990 wasn’t the greatest year, hit-wise, for Sawyer Brown.  They made three appearances on the Country 40, but none peaked higher than thirty-three, including today’s Single Of The Day.  “Puttin’ The Dark Back Into The Night” was the second of those three, and also the second to peak at thirty-three.  A Country-rocker typical of the Sawyer Brown sound, I’ve always felt like it is one of their more unheralded efforts, deserving of a much higher chart placing than it ultimately got.  I don’t profess to know all the reasons why or why not, but I think one big reason is the changing sound of Country music, at that time, as it was the era of the New Traditionalists, and the more pop-laden, and even rock-laden sounds were being pushed off the radio.

Sawyer Brown, though, would enjoy more success, though, as they would return to the top 10, the following year, with “The Walk”, of which it, and many of their ensuing releases, would have a different sound; still a Country-rock infused style, but with noticeable more country feel to it.


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