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Pictures From Trackside, Railroad Track, That Is

I’m not the greatest photographer in the world, by any stretch of the imagination. But it is an activity that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed over the past several years, literally having taken thousands of images on prints, slides, and now digital. And one of my favorite subjects for the camera has been the railroads. Since childhood, I’ve spent so much time pouring over books and magazines that would feature outstanding photos of the latest, as well as vintage photographs of railroading action from around the United States. While I don’t think that any of my photos will reach that level of expertise, I have, and continue to enjoy taking them, and decided it might be fun to share a few of them with you.

So, without further delay, here are some of my favorite train shots from the past thirty years, all taken by myself.

~lwf0000Taken sometime during the 1990’s, this small GE locomotive pulls tourists between the small Indiana communities of Knightstown and Carthage.

~lwf0000 Copy (1)A southbound Norfolk Southern freight approaches the Broad Street crossing in downtown New Castle, IN.  I think this was taken in 1996; I remember it was a really hot, muggy August day.

~lwf0006One of the ramps used by the Ann Arbor, to load/unload ferries at it’s Frankfort, MI facility.  By the time this shot was taken, the operations had ceased.

~lwf0018A Conrail freight, heading towards Indianapolis, approaches a crossing in Muncie, IN.  Taken during the waning days of Conrail, this line once saw Big 4 and New York Central freights, is now frequented by CSX.

~lwf0010Taken during my college years at Vincennes, IN, by 1986, when  this photo was taken, rolling stock lettered for the Atlantic Coast Line, was getting to be few and far between.  Little did I know when I took this shot, that someday I would be living in the midst of what was once ACL country, North Carolina.

~lwf0026Taken in 1986, near Arlington, IN.  Soon after this shot was taken, the now familiar blue and gray scheme of CSX would begin showing up along this Cincinnati/Indianapolis line.  In it’s pre-Chessie days, it handled the trains of the Baltimore & Ohio, and apparently, from what I’ve read, also Erie.

Just a few selections from my collection that I have taken over the years.  From time to time, I’ll share a few more shots with you.  If you are a railfan and you haven’t done so, I strongly recommend a trip to Indiana, one of the most underrated places for railfanning.  From the Chicago-area rail lines, to the rural central and southern parts, the Tulip Trestle, and Indianapolis, the Hoosier state has some of the best railroading action you will ever see.

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