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Marty Robbins “The Chair” – Single Of The Day

Greetings from Asheville, where once again, we dive into a see of vinyl, pulling out another gem from the past for today’s Single Of Marty Robbins "The Chair" 45 rpm.The Day.  1971 had started off well, for Marty Robbins, as he opened the year with the top five hit “Padre”.  Then, a completely different direction with his next single release, “The Chair”.  Not the same song that would later hit for George Strait, in fact, nowhere near the same subject, even.  Let me ask you this.  Have you ever wondered what it’s like for a convict who is about to be executed?  What’s running through his mind?  How is he feeling?  Is he at peace, or fearful?   That’s what Marty was exploring in this track, looking at the situation through the condemned’s eyes, in first person-style, from the final walk to the point where he sees his body still strapped in the electric chair.  I won’t say it’s Marty’s best work, but it certainly ranks among his most interesting.  The single would climb to seven on the charts, while the flip-side, “Seventeen Years” would also make a chart appearance as a “tag-along”.The Day.  Today’s find is a 1971 release from Marty Robbins, quite possibly the most odd release of his career; odd, yet effective.

Your thoughts?

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