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It’s Time For Some Twang

Well, friends and fellow Twangers and Twangettes, it is show day, today, and the lineup, this afternoon, is, how do I put this….awesome. Ernest will be a part of it, along with Ronnie Milsap, Kitty Wells, Statlers, Dolly, Garth, Conway, Webb Pierce, Hank Jr., and Loretta Lynn, amongst the mass of dusty discs pulled from the once-hot stax of wax.
As Billy Mays might have said, “But wait, there’s more!” The UT Time Machine is rolling back to this week in 1995, 1984, and 1973.
We’ll throw in a few vintage commercials, a few “almost hits” and you’re going to experience quite a show, today.
The fun starts a 4p EST, this afternoon, and runs until 7. So get your leftover Super Bowl snacks out, warm them up (if needed), turn the speakers on your computer way up (do this ONLY w/speakers, not headphones. Don’t want to go deaf, plus w/speakers, everyone can enjoy!), kick back and experience Ultimate Twang.

Ultimate Twang is heard exclusively on Asheville Free Media.  You can listen anywhere in the world!  Just click on the station name or here.

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