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Highway 101 “Somewhere Tonight” Single Of The Day

Greetings from Asheville, where today’s Single Of The Day is a bouncy piece of country music from 1987, a song that provided the group, Highway 101, with their first number one hit.

Through 1985, the majority of country music was in the vein of the country-pop styling; artists such as Lee Greenwood, Crystal Gayle, Anne Murray, and Kenny Rogers were among the mainstays of that era’s sounds.  But something happened in 1986, that started the pendulum swinging back the other direction.  First, Randy Travis, then Dwight Yoakam hit the scene, bringing a new style of traditionally-influence country music into prominence.  That shift continued throughout the decade and Highway 101 was one of the acts who also played a role, beginning with their emergence in 1987, with their self-titled debut album, that featured 3 top ten singles, including today’s Single Of The Day.

Following the success of “The Bed You Made For Me” and “Whiskey, If You Were A Woman”, Warner Brothers shipped “Somewhere Tonight” to radio in early Fall, hoping for a breakthrough to the top spot on the charts.  It happened, as the single began it’s climb in October, and by year’s end, was the first of ultimately four Highway 101 singles to ascend to number one.

Your thoughts or memories?

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