Charlie Daniels Band “Still Hurtin’ Me” Single Of The Day

Greetings from Asheville, where the good music is always on the turntable.  Today’s Single Of The Day is worthy of a few spins on said turntable; it’s the record that ended an almost six year drought on the Country 40 for the Charlie Daniels Band.

During the 1970’s, the Charlie Daniels Band was a regular visitor to several charts, including the Pop and Country singles and album charts, as well as the album-oriented rock charts.  The group has always seemed to flow easily amongst the various genres of music, equally at ease playing country, rock, blues, or bluegrass, and more often than not, successfully melding two or more of the sounds, together.

They hit their chart pinnacle with the 1979 multi-format smash, “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”, followed by “Mississippi”, a re-release of “Long-Haired Country Boy”, and “In America”.  However, once “In America” finished it’s run, the drought, at least country-wise, began.  Several singles charted below the Country 40, and there was success; 1982’s “Still In Saigon” peaked at two on the Mainstream Rock Tracks.  Plus, the albums still sold well.  But no country music hits came along, until 1986, when today’s single returned the band to the Country 40.

Of course, in Ultimate Twang terms, we actually would label “Still Hurtin’ Me” an almost hit, yet it’s peak of thirty-three in early February was the Charlie Daniels Band’s highest country peak since “In America” in 1980.  Most agree that it was nice to have CDB back on country radio, again, and in fact, their next release, “Drinkin’ My Baby Goodbye” would do even better, returning them to the top ten in the summer of 1986.  As for “Still Hurtin’ Me”, it’s solid Charlie Daniels Band work, a great mix of country and rock, a solid effort.

Your thoughts?

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