The Update… It's Been Awhile, Hasn't it?

Greetings from Asheville, where we’re still kickin’. It has been awhile since I’ve posted anything thing, here. Hopefully, that will change, soon. Then again, I said that several months ago, too.

So, here’s the update, and hopefully, at least some of these things are going to make it into the blog and help it become much more active, again.

The record library has been growing, in fact, just finished cleaning a milk carton load of 78’s that I found at one of our area Habitat Restores, recently. Paid a whopping 5 dollars for all.

Our eBay store is growing, slowly but surely. As of this writing (September 4, 2020) we are closing in on 600 items listed, including records, clothing, shoes, model trains, home decor, old magazines, books, and more. You can see what’s there by following this link, here, Mike and Ally’s Haul Y’all.

To this point, COVID has not been an issue for us, in the sense that none of us have had it. It has been a bit of a sticking point, though, in trying to grow our eBay business, as a few of the area thrift stores are still closed and of course, at one point, all of them were closed, then they finally started reopening. Yard sales aren’t near as plentiful, this summer, either. Frankly, it could have been handled, better, in my opinion by our governor, but I’ll stop there from making further comments, as I generally try to keep politics out of here.

Assuming we get this blog thing rolling, again, look for more classic album reviews, of course, but also expect an increase in posts about my other favorite activity, model railroading. Space in the garage has been cleared and I, along with my daughter, hope to start construction, soon, on a 5′ x 20′ layout. I’ve been working on rolling stock, this year, getting the proper couplers on all pieces and making sure they are at the right height. I am also making my first foray into scratchbuilding (this should be interesting!) having started a box car project, trying recreate a unique styled one that was used by a long-abandoned Indiana shortline called the Winona Railroad. Pictures coming soon.

With all of this, I have also been considering making some videos to post here and on You Tube. Stay tuned, I’ll let you know if and when I do.

That’s it, for now. Look for more things coming soon.

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