Back From A Week In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina And Yes, I Did Get Records

Greetings from Asheville where the good music is always on the turntable. I’m back from a week with my family in beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Hence, the lack of activity here on the blog.

As always, it’s a great time in a great place. Yes, you can argue that Myrtle Beach is over commercialized, a tourist trap, etc. But it’s still a fun place to spend a week, especially if you like golf, the beach and ocean, fishing, history, and records.

Records? Ok, vinyl isn’t something that the Myrtle Beach Visitor’s Bureau is going to advertise in its marketing, but maybe it should. I’ve never gone to Myrtle Beach when I didn’t come home with a nice stack of wax, courtesy of their Goodwill stores, thrift shops, and the Kilgor Trouts Music Store.

I didn’t get to thrift as much, this time, as I normally do. We spent a couple of days at the Brookgreen Gardens (beautiful place you must see), plus I had to get my round of golf in. One of my regular thrift shop visits, I missed, as they were closed when I stopped. The threat of severe weather had caused them to shut down early. But I still was able to grab a few gems.

Alabama The Closer You Get

This Alabama hit is one of my 50 cent finds at Kilgor Trouts in Myrtle Beach.

It started slowly, as we visited the Goodwill in the Surfside Beach area. No 45’s or 78’s, and the albums were many, but there weren’t hardly any interesting pieces. I did find an addition to my Goodyear Tires Christmas album collection, and I found a copy of Perry Como’s first Christmas album, Perry Como Sings Merry Christmas Music. Many of us grew up on that album, either in its original Victor form, or the later Camden reissue. I still have our original copy that my dad bought, probably 60 years ago. But it’s been played so many times, it is about worn out. This copy will replace it. As I was walking to the front to pay for the albums, I did notice a shelf full of CD’s, which I don’t normally look at in Goodwill. But I immediately noticed a couple of early Brooks and Dunn, both of which I have. But it made me look closer, and it turns out there were nearly 100 80’s and 90’s era country cd’s, including some still sealed. I wound up with the following:

Reba McEntire Greatest Hits Vol 2

Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Tammy Wynette Honky Tonk Angels

Terri Clark Greatest Hits

Best of Paul Overstreet

Clint Black Greatest Hits 2

Reba and the Honky Tonk Angels collection were still sealed!

My only other record hunting time came a couple of days later, when my daughter and I made our trip to Kilgor Trouts. Kilgor Paul McCartney & The Wings Let's Give Ireland Back To The IrishTrouts is a great music store. Tons of vinyl, tape, and cd’s, plus some vintage audio equipment. Prices are pretty standard for most modern-day record stores. But they always have a large amount of 45’s, and they were selling them at fifty cents each.

Usually, when I go there, I wind up with about a 50/50 mix of classic country and oldies. But this time, it seemed that the classic country was more prevalent. I only got 3 oldies/classic hits; Paul McCartney & The Wings “Let’s Give Ireland Back to The Irish”, Ray Peterson “Corinne, Corrina”, and Don Henley “Dirty Laundry”. Like Perry Como, the Henley record is replacing a worn-out copy.

As I noted, the classic country selection was great. I found some promo copies of a couple of Alabama hits (“Roll On” and “The Closer You Get”). Some more of the classic country finds include:

Eddy Arnold “Put My Back into Your World” (his follow-up to “Cowboy)

Chet Atkins “The Official Beach Song” (Being in Myrtle Beach, I had to get it. It’s more jazz than country)

Billy Parker and Friend “If I Ever Need A Lady” (friend is Darrell McCall)

2 Stella Parton’s “Stormy Weather” and “I’m Not That Good at Goodbye”

3 Johnny Paychecks, including “15 Beers”, “Slide Off Your Satin Sheets”, and “Georgia In A Jug/Me & The IRS”

Diane Pfeiffer “Let’s Get Crazy Again”

Bill Phillips “Wanted” (not the song that Alan Jackson made famous)

Webb Pierce “I’m Letting You Go”

Sandy Posey “Why Don’t We Go Somewhere and Love” (one of those “should’ve been a hit” records)

Ray Price “Coors In Colorado”

Bobby Russell “Saturday Morning Confusion”

Charlie Walker “Soft Lips and Hard Liquor” (a hard to find RCA release)

Gene Watson “I Feel A Sin Coming On” (a 1976 re-release of his 1969 recording)

Wilburn Brothers “Little Eyes That Look at Me”

Leona Williams “Shape Up or Ship Out”

SylviaI even found a few dollar albums, there; Moe Bandy Cowboy’s Ain’t Supposed to Cry, Red Foley’s Golden Favorites, Sylvia, Carl Belew Another Lonely Night.

As always, a great vinyl time in Myrtle Beach. While it may not be a huge amount of additions, it is a quality amount, and that’s what counts.

Saving vinyl, one record at a time.


Mike The Country MusicologistMike the Country Musicologist is a lifelong music and radio fanatic, model railroader, lover of vintage agriculture, and big sports fan, including the Colts, Reds, Hurricanes, Pacers, Purdue & Butler Universities. He has collected records since childhood, focusing on classic country and top 40 oldies music. He convinced Vincennes University to give him an Associate’s Degree in broadcasting. He’s worked for several stations in Indiana and North Carolina. Be sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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