Marty Robbins “Ain’t I The Lucky One” – Ultimate Twang Classic 45 One of Marty's Collaborations With Mitch Miller

Of all the singers not named Elvis in the late 1950’s, it’s hard to find one who was hotter than Marty Robbins. Not only was Marty one of country music’s top acts, but he was also enjoying success on the pop side. This success, in part, was due to Marty’s … Continue reading

Remembering Johnny Dollar And His Lone Hit “Stop The Start (Of Tears In My Heart)” One Of Country's One Hit Wonders

If the name Johnny Dollar doesn’t sound familiar, don’t worry, you’re likely in the majority. It’s been well over fifty years since his lone hit, and well over thirty years since his last recordings. His name is virtually forgotten in the country music world. Texas native Johnny Dollar had been … Continue reading

Genealogy; We’re Related!!….Maybe!! Genealogy and those possible famous relatives

If you were to make a list of 25 famous people you would like to be related to, who would they be? Think about that. Anyone from today, 15 years ago, 50 years ago, 500 years ago. Entertainers, politicians, athletes, actors/actresses, writers, etc. Genealogy is a subject I’ve had interest … Continue reading

It’s Webb Wednesday! What is Webb Wednesday? Read On.

In the Ultimate Twang world, Wednesday has been dubbed “Webb Wednesday”. Every week on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages, I post a photo of a Webb Pierce record, sometimes two. It’s all in fun, but also salutes one of my all-time favorites and a true country music icon. So, … Continue reading

Bobby Bare – “I Don’t Believe I’ll Fall In Love Today” Single Of The Day We look back at an early Bobby Bare release, from 1962.

Bobby Bare, the country music hall of famer, has scored 59 appearances on Billboard‘s Country Top 40, between 1962 and 1983. Thirteen made the top ten, and one, “Marie Laveau” hit number one. With all of that success, why am I saluting one of his long-forgotten singles? Simple. Despite it’s … Continue reading

Ray Price “Night Life” – Classic Album Review Ultimate Twang remembers one of country music's greatest albums, this 1963 release.

I’m excited to talk about this Ray Price album. It’s a classic, and arguably one of the greatest albums ever made in country music. “Night Life” deserves classic status, boasting twelve powerful performances from a true stylist. Listening to these tracks, the listener is reminded, why Ray is one of … Continue reading

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