Jack Greene “Until My Dreams Come True”; Great 1969 Album. A Great Effort From A Great Singer

Jack Greene Until My Dreams Come True LP

This 1969 release from Jack Greene was a top 5 seller.

Who compares to George Jones and Vern Gosdin, pouring emotion into their music? Not too many, admittedly, but one that I rank highly on the emotion spilling level is Jack Greene. If you’re scratching your head at my opinion (that’s okay, my wife does, all the time), take a listen to his classics “Statue of A Fool” or “There Goes My Everything”. His 1969 album Until My Dreams Come True is further evidence that the Jolly Giant could hold his own with The Possum and The Voice.
Released on the Decca label in February of 1969, Until My Dreams Come True would become one of Jack Greene’s most successful albums. One of six Jack Greene albums to make the top ten, it peaked at five on the Billboard country album charts.
The album does not begin with a bang, instead, it’s a nice easing into. You get an enjoyable listening experience of contemporary country music, 1969-style. “That’s What I Tell Myself”, is the perfect way to start off this album. It has an easy, laid back arrangement, as the song speaks of a man who is trying to convince himself that he no longer needs or loves the one who has left him.
Jack is at his best on songs that call for a ton of emotion. “Take My Hand for Awhile” is one of those songs. The song itself, is an average song, but Jack takes it and turns it into a song worth investing the time to listen.
Since the first time I heard “Statue of A Fool”, I’ve been a big fan of Jack Greene. Plus, one of my favorite songs is “Wichita Lineman”. Unfortunately, they don’t go together, that well. I think it’s a case of the song doesn’t quite fit his style. Plus, the arrangement, to me, is a little lacking (too much synthesizer). This is one song where the lusher arrangement, as heard on the Glen Campbell version, works better than a stripped down one.
Jack recovers, though, on the next track. “I Turn My Mind on You” is a great sounding, medium tempo, country song, that when I hear it, I can’t believe it was never a single. Outside of the title track, this is the best song on the album.
As I have mentioned before, I’m not usually a fan of remakes or cover versions. Yet, I must say his version of “When the Grass Grows Over Me”, is good, comparable to George Jones’ hit version. On “Don’t Wake Me I’m Dreaming”, we get another example of a song that is okay, but nothing fantastic, yet, once again, Jack takes it and with his performance, takes an average song and makes it very good.

1960’s-era albums often contained several cover versions of popular songs the same time, and this one is no different. Besides the two already mentioned, the next four songs are also covers, as well. Merle Haggard’s “I Take a Lot of Pride in What I Am”, Roy Orbison’s “Only the Lonely”, Jimmy C. Newman’s “Born to Love You”, and The Casino’s/Eddy Arnold hit, “Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye”. With “I Take a Lot of Pride in What I Am” and “Born to Love You”, you get solid takes. But, Jack Greene’s version of “Only the Lonely” is as good as the Sonny James version that was a hit at the time. Had it not been a single for Sonny, I’d argue it could have made a great hit for Jack. “Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye” has a folk feel, to it. It is completely different than the Casinos’ pop hit, or Eddy Arnold’s version, but it works well.

The album finishes with the title cut, “Until My Dreams Come True”. It is an outstanding record that reached number one in 1969. Again, a song that shows, so well, the emotions that would come from Jack Greene’s vocals.

Overall, I rate this album a 4 out of 5. It’s a good album. It’s Jack’s usual stellar performance. He could take average songs and make them sound very good, and make great songs even better. Some songs are better than others, but no bad ones on the album. If you like Jack Greene, you will like this album. It will be worth your while to go searching for a copy.


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